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Our Mission2022-08-10T18:49:20-06:00
Murray’s History and Architecture

Deserve to be Loved by Future Generations

Historic Murray First Foundation recognizes the wonderful history and architecture that survives within our city limits. Our mission is advocacy, education and fundraising to preserve and repurpose the unique architecture of the old downtown section of Murray City which is at immediate risk of demolition and redevelopment. Through generous contributions and grants, we seek to partner with donors and our local Murray citizens to maintain the architectural integrity that remains in our community.


What vision does Historic Murray First Foundation have for the face of the historic downtown district?2022-08-10T18:48:26-06:00

HMFF sees the remaining buildings in Murray’s downtown as placeholders of its past that deserve to stand as a connecting point for Murray citizens of all generations and as an economic driver once restoration has taken place. Historic buildings impart character and provide counterpoints of interest and stability to a place being taken over by new developmental infill. A healthy and vibrant community needs a good balance of both the old and the new to continue thriving and serving its people.

Why is the foundation necessary?2022-08-10T18:48:37-06:00

Murray City does not have a historical preservation focus outside of the grassroots efforts of community citizen groups like Historic Murray First Foundation. We are the advocacy bridge connecting the desires of the community to their representatives in local government on the issue of historic preservation.

What is Historic Murray First’s donation goal?2022-08-10T18:48:45-06:00

HMFF would like to raise at least $4,000,000 to bridge the fundraising gap in the Murray Theater restoration project. We are also focused on finding a private buyer to purchase the old Arlington School, which currently houses Murray City Hall and will be left at risk of demolition when the city moves to its new location.

When I donate to Historic Murray First Foundation, will my donation be tax deductible?2022-08-10T18:48:52-06:00

HMFF has 501(c)3 status with the IRS, allowing you to claim your contribution as a deduction.

What is the purpose of Historic Murray First Foundation?2022-08-10T18:49:01-06:00

Our mission is advocacy, education, and fundraising to preserve and repurpose the unique architecture of the historic downtown section of Murray city which is at immediate risk of demolition and redevelopment.

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